New York #3 observations

It’s been a long while, but I’m still very focused on American news, and not only because of the midterms. What is it about the US that continues to fascinate me? And why do I continue to read newsletters from people like Mark Manson (okay, translated him, yes – plus I think his writing has become better and more interesting), Mel Robbins (I kind of wish I had translated her 5 Second Rule), Ingrid Fetell Lee (translated her book as well; I’ve often mentioned her here and I actually hope she writes a second book), NYC-based Anne Kadet (really wish I could write like her) and Michael Estrin (sometimes hilarious, and certainly always surprising and totally different from anything Dutch I read), and Gretchen Rubin, who isn’t even a psychologist, like I thought, and I also wrote about her here. [Lees verder]

Camping in upstate NY

ps. This photo was not posed. I really was just catching some rays and reading my book.

Right, time for the second blog about our trip to the States, also to stress that despite of what is happening in that country (Roe vs Wade, gun laws, shootings, the Jan. 6th hearings, and other very nasty stuff), most Americans are good, kind and reasonable people. (Thank you for that message, Bonnie!) And I do specifically want to mention that, because I’ve recently been hearing people saying things like this again: “Oh, I would never want to go to the USA”, or “I could never live in that country.” [Lees verder]

(Upstate) New York

Yes, another blog post in English! Because it’s about the US and because I just kind of like, felt like it. (Americans still use ‘like’ a lot!) The long silence here partly has to do with the eighth book by Simon Beckett I translated, for which I had a bit of a tight deadline, but mostly with the war in Ukraine. It felt stupid to be writing about petty navel-gazing issues when all that was going on. And yes, unfortunately it’s still going on. But then we even went to the U.S., a trip we planned in October 2021, to combine Martin’s research with pleasure. [Lees verder]